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Star5 qty Great set!,
Meg… The box is a good quality, and the photocards are very good quality although I don't know the idol haha! However, I enjoy the toner and the serum. They keep my skin hydrated and very radiant! Love it.

Posted on 19-05-24 Recommend
Star5 qty Hands down
ole… I was looking for a good tonic and serum which could help me to even skin tone and improve skin texture. Honestly, I am surprised that this set still available. It seems like majority people go after common trend and frequently advertised and reviewed products. This set didn’t cause consumer boom and that is a loss for many people. For me, toner far better well known “Missha” essence, or Lancôme toners, or Clinique. It absorbs very well, not quite clear in color, has very mild citrus smell that for many people will go unnoticed. As to the serum, I was very cautious in its use. In the end, I applied to my entire face surface and it DIDN'T sting my skin! I don’t have a sensitive skin so for me to feel burning sensation is very unusual. I got the other serum from Jumiso and that was impossible to use without blending with other creams. So, the serum also has very mild citrus smell, a little bit thicker then water, and works by smoothing skin texture. Stick to this product for sure.

Posted on 19-05-23 Recommend
Star5 qty So amazing
zig… This is an incredible product. The Some By Mi Galactomyces series is a must have. I am 43, i get hormonal acne and i have fine lines. What's more, when my pimples go away, the dark spots last forever. The serum is amazing, and i see a brightness in my complexion and a reduction in the fine lines. I look less tired. The Vitamin C serum is now my favorite. I tried a few brands, and this is my favorite. The serum is less sticky than my other vit C serums, plus it has the added plus of the galactomyces. Just the serum alone is almost the same prices as the set and so this is an incredible value, since you get the full size serum, the full size toner and two small serums which are PERFECT for travelling. I keep these in the fridge. i really recommend this set !!

Posted on 19-05-23 Recommend
Star5 qty vitamin packed duo



An amazing duo that targets sebum production and hyperpigmentation. This surprise me and one of my best buy frome style korean

Posted on 19-05-22 Recommend
Star4 qty love the toner
k.n… from this set toner feels amazing on my oily skin. Serum does leave a light tacky feeling after it so good moisturizer/spf after is definitely required.

Posted on 19-05-21 Recommend