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Star4 qty Gonna buy this again and again. Love it!!

The mask are thick and soft with watery essence. It really calm my skin, reduce my redness and such a good treatment for acne. It doesnt have any fragrance and stick well to my face. But still, I'd love more if it comes with full mask sheets. Gonna buy this alooott :)

Posted on 18-10-13 Recommend
Star4 qty Could have been better
she… I liked that this is fragrance free and skin calming but the adhesive could have been better! Had tough time sticking on face! Also, each patch is so big!! They could either remake it to full face sheet mask or smaller patches, that can be resealed and used when needed! I felt like I was wasting the patches on single use, they are insanely huge! Each pack contains 4 patches!

Posted on 18-09-11 Recommend
Star4 qty Innovative and effective but!!
she… I liked everything about it! It is customisable , calms the skin, Almost fragrance free, but the adherence is bit bad! The mask patches are thick and soft with watery essence. Also, the each patch is insanely big, almost 3/4th of my hand!! I think they can actually repackage this in re-sealable container, so that I can use 1-2 patches at a time!! 4 are little too much for single use!!

Posted on 18-08-29 Recommend
Star3 qty Just ok
mic… This mask comes with 4 cotton sqaures (like lotion masking) instead of a full mask. The essence itself is very watery and quite hydrating and calming but I don't notice too much of an effect (feels like using any alcohol and fragrance free toner). Also the cotton squares are hard to separate in half so you end up only being able to cover the forehead, cheeks, and chin but not the nose. It's a good product over but I think there are much better sheet masks out there (such as the Benton Aloe mask) that are very similar but perform better.

Posted on 18-09-17 Recommend
Star4 qty Effective Mask for Acne

Ive been trying a lot of masks lately but this is just too different. It has 4 patches on it and I can place it whenever I want. I felt a little sting while using this but it helped dried up my acne.c54dc456c42d3321efc8d642829735f2_1534759 

Posted on 18-08-20 Recommend

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