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Star3 qty Shaking Rubber Soothing Shot
ara…@gmail.com This is a very interesting concept but it slips down my face before its dries.
Posted on 18-08-01 Recommend
Star4 qty Mask
vik…@mail.ru Very unusual but really soothing

Posted on 18-07-31 Recommend
Star5 qty Favorite
cai…@gmail.com Very hydrating face mask, one of my favorites
Posted on 18-07-29 Recommend
Star4 qty Fun
gog…@gmail.com It was fun to make your own diy mask, it make my skin feel so soft and the product has a lot in there so you don’t have to worry about running out. My first impression of the mask was that the bottle was so small like on the pictures it look so big but reality hits you and the product packaging is really small. Still ❤️ It tho
Posted on 18-07-29 Recommend
Star1 qty Not recommended
chi…@gmail.com I bought the shake for a half price, but I am still disappointed as I expected the way better mask from Dr Jard. It can also lie on my first experience with such mask type at home, but it looks and feels like your face was put into the cake. It is extremely difficult to empty two packs without leaving half inside. Pay attention you have to shake it really long enough. You have to hurry up when you put the consistence on your face. It is like jelly and does not hold - it just falls apart. So when you expect to have it smooth and to take it away like one layer - forget it. Already after 10 minutes was it exfoliated partly. I will have a look how other Shakes are, but if all of them are the same, I will never ever buy them again, especially for 5 $.

Posted on 18-07-29 Recommend