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Star3 qty Okay.
aji… This parfum/body spray is definitely lacking. It has a nice scent of rose but it also smells a bit like alcohol to me. The scent is quite subtle and does not last as long as I would hope. Overall, if you’re looking to just smell decent and just like nothing, not like you’ve just taking a bath in roses, then this is pretty good.
Posted on 17-11-08 Recommend
Star2 qty not worth it.
aji… This parfum/ body spray is not the best. It has a very very subtle scent and does not last long. The scent is so subtle and it goes away within minutes. Even if I did not spray it as parfum and sprayed it in a room, it would disappear quickly. It smells just like alcohol mixed with some flowers. Not very happy with it.
Posted on 17-11-08 Recommend
Star4 qty W dressroom
Kar… I like the smell but
Posted on 17-11-03 Recommend
Star5 qty jungkook smell
aid… Right, it's smell like soap, and i really like it
Posted on 17-11-03 Recommend
Star5 qty Sweet smell

I can't really say it smells like Pomegranate, because that fruit has a really mild scent that's hard to mimic. However, it is a sweet and fresh smell that is very pleasant!

Posted on 17-10-30 Recommend