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Star5 qty great product

bought it for my sister, she has dry skin and need moister during the day so it is perfect for her cause she can take it everywhere and also give a really nice refresh feeling. it doesn't have a scent so it is great to use during the day and when feeling lazy at evenings or mornings. 


Posted on 17-11-28 Recommend
Star5 qty ok

a nice refreshing toner

Posted on 17-11-14 Recommend
Star2 qty okayish

this doesn't contain alcohol so won't dry out your face, but it doesn't provide too much in the way of hydration either.

Posted on 17-10-31 Recommend
Star5 qty Best Mist Toner

Mist toner are suppose to provide Hydration rather than moisture! This is a perfect choice for all skin types!! I am loving it!! Definitely gonna try more products from the brand!! I have super dry skin!! What I liked:

1. Cooling sensation!! Perfect for summer and monsoon! I am enjoying it even in winter!!

2. Hydrates well!!

3. Fragrance is unique! Slightly herbal with hint of fresh floral scent!! I can spray along whole day just for the fragrance!!

4. Non- sticky! All skin type can enjoy it!

5. Its 100 ml and still looks so compact! Looks like a small 50 ml bottle but it's 100 ml!

6. Spray has fine droplets (usually mists have bigger and bulky droplets).


I am buying it again!! This time it's gonna be a bigger bottle!!f4911a28f51951edc6bd069423d3d14c_1509181 



Posted on 17-10-28 Recommend
Star5 qty holy grail toner

i was a bit skeptical about this toner so i went with the smaller bottle, but i absolutely love this stuff, i have slightly oily skin and this stuff defiantly keeps it at bay i will be reordering!

Posted on 17-10-12 Recommend