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[A'PIEU] Hole Cleaner

[A'PIEU] Hole Cleaner

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Brand : APIEU
Code : APEC-HoleC
Weight : 150g (0.33 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [A'PIEU] Hole Cleaner! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including Cosmetics, Cleanser, Others. Hydra Others online.
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It keeps clean the keratin and foreign matter between the ear and the navel.
Ears and navel special cleaner
Gently and moisturizes with botanical ingredients.
It is convenient do not wash after use.
Soft gel texture. It does not sticky.

Suggested Use
relieve moderate gel on cotton.
Gently wipe around the auricle and ears.
Please tapping lightly to absorb the remaining gel.
*When used on belly button*
Immerse the gel so that it covers the end of the swab.
Gently wipe the swab into the navel.
Clean navel care Completed

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Star5 qty Good
s2l…@naver.com Easy to clean belly button, smells fresh

Posted on 18-12-04 Recommend
Star4 qty Interesting
ely…@gmail.com This might seem like a funny product but it is actually quite useful. Been using for a few times and I quite like it. Really helps clean out the outer ears.

Posted on 18-11-28 Recommend
Star5 qty Effective!
fig…@gmail.com Gentle yet effective! Smells good too! I have repurchased this!
Posted on 18-08-17 Recommend
Star5 qty Effective!!!
fig…@gmail.com This is an unusual product but I’m happy it exists! It does the job perfectly. Clean bellybuttons in no time! Doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin in that area. It also smells nice!
Posted on 18-06-23 Recommend
Star5 qty It does great in removing dead skin cells and dirt…
tjo…@gmail.com Ears and navel could be parts of body that you often forget to clean. Apieu made this gel textured cleanser for it. And I'll say it does great. It's not sticky and you don't even need wash it with water all you need only cotton pads and the wipe your ears

Posted on 18-04-02 Recommend