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  [K.Beauty Story] Hyggee: The real skincare diet
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Hyggee: The real skincare diet





“Sorry but you need to cut down on your skincare products” says Hyggee and we agree!


Layering your skincare multiple times over one another doesn’t necessarily mean added hydration or nutrition, it just means you’re suffocating your (poor) skin by burying it under a mass of chemicals. 


Rather than using A LOT of something isn’t it better to use ONE that best suits you? After all, it’s definitely quality over quantity that counts when it comes to skincare.



That’s where Hyggee steps in. This brand promises to create products you need with only the necessary ingredients to give your skin a much needed break. 


Why shouldn’t you use a lot of skincare items?

1. Bombarding your skin with excess hydration prevents it from creating its own natural moisturizing factors. Eventually it forgets how to leading to dry, cracked skin. 

2. Rubbing your face breaks down its protective barrier leading to the loss of hydration.

3. Our skin actually absorbs far less than we think. So what remains on our skin simply initiates a chemical reaction that causes break outs and other skin problems. 


So, today I want to introduce you to Hyggee's One Step Essence: Balance. This one has been particularly popular ever since it was featured on  YouTuber / celebrity make up artist Director Pi’s channel. 

My skin is Sahara desert dry. It doesn’t matter what product I use and how much of it I use, I still get patches of dead skin cells irrespective of the season. So, I wasn’t expecting that much from this product TBH but it gave me a pleasant surprise!


First, let’s go over the stats:

★ Oil + Essence: contains 20% oil and 80% essence

★ Essence comprises birch sap and NMF 5 effectors to deliver moisture to the skin 

★ 5 types of natural oils form a protective shield to prevent evaporation, whiteheads and blackheads

★ Lactobacillus ferment, bifida ferment lysate and 2 other fermented ingredients exfoliate the skin to restore its vitality and ensure the components are better absorbed


This product needs to be shaken before use to mix the oil and essence together. I made the mistake of not doing this at first and ended up with a load of oil. So in the words of SISTAR don’t forget to “shake it, shake it”!


The oil in this product gives your skin that extra boost of hydration. But as its mixed with an essence its finish isn’t sticky or greasy at all! It absorbs into the skin quickly to leave it refreshed and glowing.


The best thing about this essence is that its multi-functional! You can use it as a toner by simply pouring it on a cotton pad and swiping it across your skin - the exfoliating factors help cleanse it to create the prefect canvas for the next steps in your skincare routine!

Or you can just use it as your everyday essence! Just use the heat from your hands to help all the yummy goodness absorb into your skin!


The Hyggee One Step Essence: Balance is my current holy grail! I’ve been recommending it to everyone with the same skin concern as mine (extra dry) and I think you’ll love it as much as me!

Try it to achieve the perfect #glassskin!


For those with oily skin, try their All In One Essence!



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