Round 3 voting begins TODAY!

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Today is the day!

Round 3 voting begins today! Hooray!♥


From today, October 27th to October 31st,

you can show your support to your gurus by casting your votes!


It’s all up to you, to make your guru the finalist or not!

Didn’t you forget that? The final 4 contestants will be coming to Seoul, South Korea!




Remember, you can vote up to 2 times a day. 

But  you can’t vote for the same person more than once!





And to show our appreciation to judges who've been so amazing,

we have brought following three big events for our judges!


1. If you vote just more than once, you’ll get 10% off coupon

that you can use at :


2. All individuals who vote 2 times a day for 5 straight days 

will be gifted $10 in StyleKorean Points!


3. We’ll be selecting 20 lucky winners from the list of voters

to receive the special Giveaway Box consists of Gurus items!




Here is the list of two giveaway sets that the giveaway winners are going to receive!


● Set 1 



● Set 2 





So, are you ready? Are you excited?

Then get set, LET"S GO!