K-Beauty gurus TOP 32 Profiles (Part.4)

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K-Beauty Gurus: TOP 32 contestants profile! 

(Part 4 )


Today's the last of our Top 32 finalist's profiles! Are you a little disappointed? Don't be! we'll be back soon. 

In the meantime, be sure to check out these amazing YoUTuber's and vote for them on October 06th! Remember, you the judges and your votes mean the world to them. 


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Mother, YouTuber, cooking and beauty enthusiast, Matta still finds time to share K-Beauty tips and tricks and lifestyle hacks on her channel. So make sure to check her out or you’ll miss out!



Youtube: MattaLeHang

★Check her profile here : 



Say hello to Jeannie, aka your Asian beauty obsessed internet friend! She loves to share videos about anything and everything related to beauty. This includes makeup tutorials to skincare hauls and reviews! Join her now!


IG: @electraheartx

Youtube: MissElectraHeart

★Check her profile here :




17 year old Nella Aiko lives in Sweden She’s been into Korean beauty for about 5 years now and is still going strong! In fact, her YouTube videos are often inspired by the Korean ulzzang style and so is her Instagram.


IG: @nella.atim

Youtube: Nella Aiko

★Check her profile here :





Toni is from the Philippines and is a certified K-fangirl. She has such high respect for K-beauty as it helped transform her skin. Her content focuses on helping fellow beauty enthusiasts discover only the best products out there :)


IG: @siatoni

Youtube: Toni Sia

 ★Check her profile here :





Did you know Sonia is 22 years old, a twin and a gemini with a penchant for makeup and making YouTube videos?


IG: @sonialeslie

Youtube: Sonia Leslie

 ★Check her profile here :






Meet Taya, a K-beauty craze Blogger/Youtuber from Thailand (BTW she’s currently based in Korea)! She loves sharing reviews on Korean skincare and beauty products & also traveling around the country :) So join her on her journey through Korean culture!


IG: @kbeauty_unnie

Youtube: TaYa Sunaz

★Check her profile here : h





Trinh is a big, massive hoarder when it comes to Korean skincare and makeup! And she’s excited to share everything within her little beauty world with you.


IG: @petitemeow257

Youtube: Trinh Meow

★Check her profile here :





Tricia here is a Singaporean showcasing her love for all things Korean & western beauty. If you’re on this page, it means you’re interested in all things makeup & beauty – just like Tricia. Join her as she 
discovers the amazing world of Korean makeup & skincare. P.S. She would love to know more about you too!



IG: @trishhyoungg

Youtube: Trishh Youngg

★Check her profile here :