K-Beauty gurus TOP 32 Profiles (Part.2)

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TOP 32 contestants profile!

(Part 2)


Hello our lovely readers! So, same like yesterday, today we will introduced another 8 contestants from our top 32 contestants for K-Beauty Gurus Competition! Worry not, we will update you guys for other contestants soon! 


So.....let's start, shall we?



Raych is youtuber from the Philippines who loves making videos about Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel. She’s kbeauty junkie at heart, a self-confessed k-drama addict and BTS army.


IG: @rrraych

YoutubeRaych Ramos

★Check her profile here




Soo is a Korean living in the K-Beauty mecca, Seoul. She loves sharing her love for makeup with the world and invites you to stop by her channel to say ‘hi’!


IG: @_soobeauty

YoutubeSoo Beauty

★Check her profile here :



Meet California girl Jenny! She knows K-Beauty is another world full of fun discoveries and invites you on a journey to discover some, if not all, of what she knows! 


IG: @withlovejv


★Check her profile here :


Say hello to 19 year old arts major Yvette who loves everything related to beauty, art and food (don’t we all)! It’s her dream to become a media influencer and launch her own makeup line. But as a shy and timid person, she’s always been scared of venturing out. Which is why StyleKorean’s K-Beauty Gurus search is her stepping stone to fulfilling her dreams! Be sure to check her out. ♥


IG: @yvettezurc

Youtube: Yvette Cruz

★Check her profile here :


Matthew/ Matty is an Asian-American makeup artist based in the US. He love everything about makeup and would love to explore more about makeup. He has an oily skin type, so go to his channel to find out how he take cares of his face. Not only that, you can find lot of makeup tutorial and review there! Are you ready to explore about makeup with him?


IG: @ matthew_aj

Youtube: Matthew Jackson

★Check his profile here



Denise Lim is a Malaysian youtuber based in New Zealand. On her channel we can find lot of reviews about Korean skin-care and Korean cosmetics! She even upload video 3 times a week (Mainly on a weekday , Saturday, and Sunday) OMG, how amazing is that! But, besides beauty reviews she also upload about makeup tutorial and fashion related ♥


IG: @ meixdenise

Youtube: Denise Lim

★Check her profile here




Kris Ferriols is a Filipina youtuber based in San Diego, California. Being a big fan of K-beauty lead her to start this. Being a young mom doesn’t stop her to reach her dreams. Her videos are really fun to watch. She upload about makeup, skincare, swatches, reviews, and VLOG as well. Have you guys watch her channel?


IG: @ mikkuh

Youtube: ohitsmiss kirs

★Check her profile here




This adorable girl come from Dallas, Texas. She is passionate about skincare and beauty products. She love trying and of course sharing it with all of you. Psst… she is going to give tips to help those who are on budget or those who are new to beauty! ♥


IG: @peachycrystle

Youtube: peachy opinions   

★Check her profile here :