K-Beauty gurus TOP 32 Profiles (Part.1)

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TOP 32 contestants profile!

(Part 1)


Hello our lovely readers! So, today we will introduce 8 contestants from our top 32 contestants for K-Beauty Gurus Competition! Worry not, we will update you guys for other contestants soon! 


So.....let's start, shall we?




Kristina is from Texas and currently she is living in Japan. As much we know, she is been living in Japan for about 4 years! Her videos are mostly about beauty, fashion, as well her life in Japan. Now, since she is been into Korean beauty, we can expect more of K-beauty on her channel!


Name: Kristina Grace

IG: @kristinangrace

Youtube: Kristina Grace
★Check her profile here :





Kate Chaves is from United States. She mainly focus on reviewing beauty and fashion related videos. In her recent video she is opening a giveaway! Want to join it? Go to her channel!!!


Name: Kate Chaves

IG: @chavezkate

Youtube: Kate Chaves

★Check her profile here






Another lovely youtuber from Malaysia, Diana. She claimed that she is a fan of K-beauty and can’t live without them. Not only reviewing about beauty products she also post makeup tutorials on her channel. Btw, her videos are mostly in Chinese!


Name: Diana

IG: @dianataystudio

Youtube: DianaTay Studio

★Check her profile here :






Neicy or also known as Ebony Traveler in Youtube is one of our contestants from Canada. In her youtube channel, she post all her experiences as an English Teacher in Korea and VLOG about her life in South Korea. And now she start falling in love with K-beauty especially Korean skin-care!


Name: Neicy

IG: @neicyb

Youtube: The Ebony Traveler

★Check her profile here :






She’s from Philippine and she’s a professional Make-up Artist turned Youtube Content Creator living in Australia. She focuses on beauty-related stuff, creating high quality make-up tutorials, product reviews, vlogs & DIY videos.


Name: Marella Artana

IG: @ellaallurexx

Youtube: Ella Allure

★Check her profile here :





She’s a 20-year-old American Communications college student living in Socal who is in love with K-beauty just as much as all of our K-Beuaty lovers! She also is a huge fan of all kinds of music, anime, cartoons, Pokemon, and other Nintendo video games.

She says that she’s extremely grateful and honored to just have the opportunity to be part of an amazing competition like this. Thank you for working so hard and trying your best as you said!


Name: Lily Hong

IG: @hauted011

Youtube: hauted011

★Check her profile here :





Her name is Jessie, an 18-year-old Chinese-American who's living in the great ol' country side of the United States. There's not much exposure to Asian culture where she lives so when she found this whole new world of K-Drama, K-pop, and K-Beauty, she was shook. She has grown to love Korean beauty products over the years (specifically lip tints she can’t count how many she has) and the makeup trends! 

On her YouTube channel, she uploads weekly videos of makeup + fashion and also the occasional vlog when she travels!


Name: Jessie Ye

IG: @jiexiye

Youtube: Jessie Ye

★Check her profile here :




Her name is Kendall, a.k.a. Kennie, and she’s a lover of all things Korean beauty! She loves mixing Korean trends with western ones and creating unique, unexpected makeup looks, and this is why we can’t wait to watch her next challenge video!


Name: Kendall Dumas

IG: @kenniejd

Youtube: Kennie J.D. 켄니제이디

★Check her profile here :