Vote for $10!

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Author Stylekorean Date 17-09-14 14:37 View3,009 Reply0


Tomorrow, September 15th is the day where our lovely contestants will uploading their first round’s video! Are you guys eager to see the videos? Cause we are! :) 


In addition, not forget to mention, you can support the contestants by voting! irst, let me tell you about how the voting system goes. You can vote max. 5 times a day and the voting period will be starting from September 15th – September 19th!


And STYLEKOREAN have a special event for all of you! By voting 5 times a day for 5 days, we will give you $10 points! at 21th Sep. You guys won’t miss a chance to get $10, right? :D




Do support our contestants & get your $10!