What's in the StyleKorean Beauty Box 1?

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Author Stylekorean Date 17-09-07 15:30 View523 Reply0


For the first mission,

all of our contestants have been sent StyleKorean Gurus Beauty Boxes 1.


The Beauty Box 1 is filled with 11 must-have K-Beauty goodies of this season.

They are going to create wonderful haul videos using those items,

but we just can't wait for videos until September 15th!


So let's sneak a look at Gurus Beauty Box 1, what's in there!♥




Ta-da! These are the all items in the Beauty Box 1. There are 11 items(wow!) inside the box.

You can see what are exact items they are in the following picture.




So excited to see our contestants' stunning hauls about those adorable goods! Aren't you?


This is one of why we must stay tuned, we can check it out on September 15th!




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