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[TROIAREUKE] Healing Cocktail Skin Complex Formula 180ml+ Ampule 20ml  #Green (Anti-Trouble)

[TROIAREUKE] Healing Cocktail Skin Complex Formula 180ml+ Ampule 20ml #Green (Anti-Trouble)

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Brand : Troiareuke
Code : TRAS06-anti
Weight : 300g (0.66 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [TROIAREUKE] Healing Cocktail Skin Complex Formula 180ml+ Ampule 20ml #Green (Anti-Trouble)! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including Cosmetics, Skincare, Moisturizer. Hydra Moisturizer online.
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As our skin's condition changes each day due to our lifestyles, diets and other factors, shouldn't we customize our skincare routine to fit the needs of each day?
Unfortunately, most of the time skincare products focused on addressing a particular problem without the option to mix and match as required to solve more complex and challenging problems of the skin.
This challenge can be met by designing the perfect Healing Cocktail for your needs each day with the Right Prescription Skincare.
Troiareuke's Skin Complex Formula is the favorite toner of spa managers in Seoul because of its anti-oxidant pycnogenol rich content which is excellent at relieving oxidative stress and reducing free radicals upon the skin.
By mixing and matching with the right smart ampoules from Troiareuke, we can create custom healing cocktails to address the needs of a person's skin each day.


Green: Moisturizing & Nourishing
-A person who feel dry after cleansing
-A person who feels dry while moisturizing

Yellow: Tone-up/freckles
- A person who are stressed by spots and spots
- A person whose skin tone looks dark

Red: Cell Repair (Wrinkle & Scar)
- A person with fine wrinkles in the afternoona0ecdbd84378442df36dd3e657b3bfa8_1502074

- A person who does not have elasticity after make-up even if the basic care is sufficient.
- A person who do not heal old wounds quickly 
Blue: Sebum/acne
- A person who has a lot of fat in your nose and T zone
- A person who has acne skin

Suggested Use
1. Mix ampoule and skin complex.
2. Shake the bottles to mix them evenly.


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Star5 qty Love it
kac…@gmail.com I've gone through 4 of these, two of which I bought when I was visiting Seoul. Definitely helped my skin out. I had so much problem with acne and pimples but this helped me soothe my skin.
Posted on 18-12-20 Recommend
Star5 qty good toner
h.a…@gmail.com It worked good as a toner, but I didn't see any drastic changes in my skin after using this product. It was really long lasting too.

Posted on 18-08-18 Recommend
Star5 qty So good!!!!
val…@gmail.com It really improve my skin condition!

Posted on 18-08-02 Recommend
Star4 qty Troiareuke
ara…@gmail.com I have always wanted to try this but it was always out of my budget. I think that this is a great product and the original price is potentially worth it.
Posted on 18-06-09 Recommend
Star1 qty Skin Complex Formula Absolutely Didn't Suit My Ski…
gir…@gmail.com My skin had started to heal from an acne breakout and I tried the skin complex formula to help prevent new acne and hopefully help my skin heal faster. However, although I really wanted these to work and had high hopes, the skin complex formula that I tried first caused large red bumps to show up on my skin and even after trying it together with the anti-trouble formula, it caused large red bumps. So these products are definitely not for my skin type which is very disappointing considering these are supposed to keep away acne, inflammation and reduce sensitivity. The Acsen cream also caused issues.
Posted on 18-04-25 Recommend