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[Natural Pacific] Fresh Green Tea Seed Serum 50ml

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[Natural Pacific] Fresh Green Tea Seed Serum 50ml

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Brand : Natural Pacific
Code : NPS14-S
Weight : 150g (0.33 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [Natural Pacific] Fresh Green Tea Seed Serum 50ml! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including Cosmetics, Moisturizer, Essence&Oil. Hydra Essence&Oil online.

WIth Fresh Green Tea Seed Serum Be more beautiful in 7 days!
1. Supplying effect of vitality and nutrient to crumbly and dull skin tone.
2. Filling moisture to dry and tight skin, because of lack of moisture in the skin.
3. Elasticity improving effect of sagging skin due to collapsed elasticity.
4. Soothing effect to the skin that became sensitive because of fine dust and ultraviolet rays make fragile and weak skin, caused by chemical ingredient-made cosmetics, mild

Suggested Use
Keep #7 days serum at the bathroom and it will be better to apply it to bare face right after washing the face.



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Star1 qty Broke me out!

Had really high hopes for this because of their fresh herb origin serum. It broke me out so bad unfortunately 

Posted on 17-11-11 Recommend
Star1 qty Meh.

I was really excited to receive this product couple weeks ago but was disappointed when it arrived. Check cosdna and was shock with my discovery. I have really sensitive acne prone skin so i don't even bother of using this.





Posted on 17-10-24 Recommend
Star1 qty Be Careful!

I remember my eyes shone when I saw this, it was the perfect product for my skin which is atopic, rosacea and irritation-prone. But everything came apart when I received it at home. The ingredients list shown in the ad is totally wrong, search it on CosDNA. There's no EWG level-1-only safe ingredients, there's a bunch of essential oils that can irritate skin, as well as EWG score 3 fillers. I couldn't even bother to test, got mad cause I knew this would irritate my skin very much.



I decided to post the full (and somewhat extent) ingredients list. The yellow ones represent score 3~6 on EWG.

Remember that some fragrant or essential oils are scored 1 in EWG but are proven skin sensitizers.



Posted on 17-09-25 Recommend
Star4 qty Good product
gic…@hotmail.com This calm my redness I don’t know how it works about the brightness yet because it’s soon but So far I’m satisfied
Posted on 17-08-18 Recommend
Star2 qty One of my favorites

[EDIT: So, after viewing a comment two up from me, I decided to see if this product was finally out on the Hwahae app since they were complaining about bad ingredients. Low and behold, there are 2, one I despise (PEG-60 castor oil and PEG-18). I'm so glad I came back to see the ingredients, because I too was fooled by the advertisement up above saying that there's EWG grade-1 ingredients. Usually Natural Pacific doesn't fool us like this, so I do feel hurt by this. Bumping my rating down to a 2 because the product did work for me a little and I enjoyed using it (see my review below), but I absolutely can't include this in my skincare routine anymore :( Also, I have noticed my skin not improving after my second bottle, perhaps the improvement I saw in my review was just a fluke of my skin improving for a little. Disappointed!]



Skin type: dry/combo, acne prone, and slightly sensitive

So firstly, no scent, how great!! Secondly, I had my doubts about this product after the first two weeks showing no result, but by the time the third week rolled around you could see a slight difference, and now I've been using it for almost day and night for 4 weeks and there's a definite difference it makes on my skin. 


I have noticed that my acne isn't as frequent/non-existent! There hasn't been any super bad breakouts except for one in the beginning of using this, so it is helpful for blemishes. It's not sticky and I use a full pump on the face. When it comes out of the applicator it's like Aloe Vera but as soon as you start to smooth it on your face it becomes watery~ In regards to its claims, I do agree, it's calming because the redness in my skin has almost disappeared. It's not really hydrating for dry skin people, but if you have oily skin I can imagine it being moisturizing. And I guess it helps with elasticity and nutrition but personally there was no noticeable difference. And yes, I do feel like my skin is brighter after using it, however pigmentation isn't fading as fast as with other products. 


Hope this review was helpful^^ Overall, I will definitely will be purchasing it again [EDIT: Not anymore, going to actually throw away half a bottle I have left]. It's a very easy item to incorporate into your skincare, and definitely use it after you wash and before you tone (I do in the evenings only) because there's a slight difference in how well it works. p.s. my bottle is almost half-empty for reference to how fast it's used up.




Posted on 17-08-10 Recommend