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Star5 qty tightening

this packaging is so cute, and i heard great reviews for this!

Posted on 17-02-07 Recommend
Star5 qty A+++
sus…@hotmail.com Este huevito se las trae... Digamos que en combinación con el blanco son una mezcla perfecta para una piel limpia. Sin duda buena compra que he repetido
Posted on 17-01-23 Recommend
Star5 qty Una y otra vez

Y no me cansaré de comprarlo para mi y todas mis amigas, es excelente

Posted on 17-01-22 Recommend
Star5 qty Effective and nice
tif…@outlook.com i really like this product. You really have to use the other too. My skin is really soft after.
Posted on 16-12-27 Recommend
Star5 qty it does really work

the texture is quit airy when it's in the (adorable) container but smooths out into a creamy texture

it does shrink your pores and my nose feels smoother the next morning (i use it after a shower when my pores are open, squeeze out the gunk in my pores, and put on this product and leave it on over night)

Posted on 16-12-08 Recommend