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Star4 qty Not bad.
olg…@yahoo.com this mask is not bad but i prefer secret key lemon peeling gel for exfoliating better.
Posted on 18-04-04 Recommend
Star5 qty One of the Best
vil…@yahoo.com There is a reason why it is considered among the bestselling Korean masks, skin feels soft and moisturized after using it. Used it a few times and my skin feels good after. It was a bit sticky but I can live with that. Thank you Stylekorean!
Posted on 18-04-02 Recommend
Star5 qty Smooth & Gentle

It's extremely smooth and soft on the skin; the granules in the scrub dissolve extremely quickly (only takes about 2-3 circular motions before they dissolve), but again this depends on how much you're putting on! It doesn't irritate my skin which is good, as I do have sensitive skin, and it doesn't strip your face off of any essential moisture. My face feels not only smooth and soft, but comfortably hydrated as well, after I've used this product! 


You also do not need a lot of product, at most I use about 1/4 to 1/3 of my finger-tip each time, and I've only been using this for about a month, twice a week, and it's almost like i've barely used any product! 


I'd repurchase it! :)

Posted on 18-03-31 Recommend
Star5 qty very gentle
Ven…@gmail.com smells awesome, makes my face smooth

Posted on 18-03-31 Recommend
Star4 qty good
cos…@gmail.com i have another product scrub. this is to big for me. the seed of scrub sometime hurt my skin face. but it work well. try it

Posted on 18-03-31 Recommend