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Star5 qty very good
dol…@gmail.com This product really good and the color last longer, I love this one so much.
Posted on 16-01-19 Recommend
Star2 qty Berrisom Tint
fre…@gmail.com It doesn't live up to the hype. Personally I found it drying, smells and tastes like poison, the peach colour is a lie (it's full on yellow), and the staying time was less than an hour for me. Either I got a bad batch or this doesn't work. It looks good for the first 20 mins then wears off within the hour even without eating or drinking. Idk I wouldn't buy it again.
Posted on 16-01-17 Recommend
Star5 qty New product

New Product. just arrived front door. Love the colors and lasting long(8 hours). will introduce this product to my friends

Posted on 15-12-31 Recommend
Star3 qty Wait time..

This is such a popular product, but after purchasing and trying it out. It's just okay. I don't like waiting 10-15 for it dry, but if you have the time, great. After taste is a bit bitter, but a lot of lip stains are, it is pretty long lasting. Application is a bit messy.    

Posted on 15-11-23 Recommend
Star5 qty Interesting new product

Interesting way to apply lip stain. Hard to use at first, but stain lasts and is a natural color. 

Posted on 15-11-22 Recommend