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Star4 qty Really innovative and convenient!
chl…@hotmail.co.uk Love this product- although you have to be careful in the application and making sure you let the product dry, but the finish was good! Pigmented and longlasting!! Love the variety of colours too!
Posted on 17-02-03 Recommend
Star5 qty Lip tints!!! lovee

Easy to apply and very cute colors

Posted on 17-01-25 Recommend
Star5 qty Lip Tints

These lip tints are super cute. They are lighter than the color when you apply it, but all tints are similar to that. If you do want a darker color, you can always reapply it onto your lips. It is very long lasting however I do realize that it does tend to fade away when eating foods. I would recommend this product to anyone who was a cute fresh look. 

Posted on 16-12-18 Recommend
Star5 qty longlasting

very longlasting and not make my lips dry 

Posted on 16-12-15 Recommend
Star3 qty Interesting experiment

Had been so enthused when I first got them! But do think that there are certain colours that work better than others. Virgin red for example, seems to last much longer than Sexy red, but either one certainly had not lasted more than 8 hours on me. I have taken the extra steps of making sure that I exfoliate and moisturise my lips thoroughly before application, but at the end of the day, I am still left with the silly red clown ring that I absolutely detest. 


I do also have super dry lips and it could be purely because of this that it just doesn't work for me. Pity, but it sure was fun experimenting. Now I just have to try and find them a better home! 

Posted on 16-10-12 Recommend