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Star5 qty Moisture skincare
sop…@gmail.com Love this set,I first know it when I try a sample!

Posted on 18-08-01 Recommend
Star4 qty best value
dan…@gmail.com core set for pure hydration, good for summer and winter. add a final oil step during winter.
Posted on 18-07-29 Recommend
Star5 qty my opinion
and…@ymail.com this is the best combination set, if you are new or you have dry skin you could try this too, I have like chicken dry skin patch under my chin, I used other moisturizer but nothing works well other than this. I still remember the first time I change my skin care to this and after one weeks, the dry chicken skin is all gone.
Posted on 18-07-29 Recommend
Star4 qty Good set to try
Ama…@live.com Out of the 3, I really liked the essence toner. The moisturiser didn’t do much for me. Not moisturising enough. The serum had the worst droplet applicator ever. The serum itself felt nice but not fantastic. The toner on the other hand was the best. It’s a really good toner. Have now repurchased toner on its own. The set was a good price on sale to try out products from this brand.

Posted on 18-07-29 Recommend
Star3 qty Hydrating but not special
tse…@gmail.com Essence Toner: Gentle, slight medicinal smell, takes a while to be absorbed into skin- decent but not particularly soothing which I was hoping it would do. Moisture Serum: A somewhat awkward product- too thick to be a toner, too thin to be a real cream. I never know when to reach for it since I have dry skin and my skin benefits from a regular moisturizer + overnight sleep mask so not that useful to me.
Posted on 18-07-27 Recommend