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Star5 qty Best of the best
pri…@gmail.com It’s mild but it heals angry sensitive skin.

Posted on 18-05-05 Recommend
Star5 qty Love this
pri…@gmail.com Holy grail. This is definitely the saviour for acne prone sensitive skin people like me.

Posted on 18-05-05 Recommend
Star5 qty Best skincare set
pri…@gmail.com I have been purchasing this set for countless of times and I will still be purchasing this set whenever possible. It just shows how awesome it is.

Posted on 18-05-05 Recommend
Star5 qty Excellent combo to sooth and moisturise your skin
c.a…@gmail.com Love every single item of this set. The cream and serum are very light weight but very moisturising. The toner is not runny, quite viscou but one it's absorbed the skin looks matt and feels silky.

Posted on 18-05-05 Recommend
Star5 qty The body is self healing
shi…@gmail.com I love all products: the toner, serum and cream also...It's really hydrating and moisturizing at the same time without irritating my sensitive skin.

Posted on 18-05-02 Recommend