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Star5 qty The body is self healing
shi…@gmail.com I love all products: the toner, serum and cream also...It's really hydrating and moisturizing at the same time without irritating my sensitive skin.

Posted on 18-05-02 Recommend
Star4 qty 50/50

The toner is wonderful, one of the best!

The serum is good, but too big, was hard to finish.

I don't like the cream, its consistency. If I'm going to repurchasing this cream again.

Posted on 18-05-02 Recommend
Star5 qty Best skincare set I have used!
sha…@ymail.com I have heard a lot about Pyungkang Yul from many k-beauty and skincare enthusiast, so I was really excited to try some of their products myself. I have a very sensitive skin and I'm always on the lookout for minimal-ingredient skincare that is affordable and at the same time effective. The set is a perfect starter pack for anyone that is looking to try Pyungkang Yul for the first time. It did not irritate my skin at all, and it also moisturised and hydrated my skin without feeling heavy and greasy. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this set and will most likely purchase again once I finish mine. :) P.S I hope you guys (Style Korean) continue to stock up on this set because it is AMAZING!!!
Posted on 18-04-30 Recommend
Star3 qty No results (yet)?
a.c…@gmail.com These products have no scent at all and I heard supposed to be good for skin but so far it isdoing just so so. No break out but no apparent benefits either.

Posted on 18-04-30 Recommend
Star5 qty This set is wonderful!
mir…@gmail.com I'm in love with this brand's minimalistic design and ingredient list. It really works! I have acne-prone skin, not cream nor serum irritated my skin. Also it doesn't break me out! I love texture of cream, it is not light, but also it's not heavy! Moisturizing serum is hydrating very well. Balancing gel is very interesting product. I have to say package was not good, that's why my cream was broken, I fixed it somehow, but it is big issue. Overall I'm happy with this purchase!

Posted on 18-04-29 Recommend