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Star5 qty The best!!!
siy…@gmail.com This is my 2nd or 3rd time repurchasing this box because I love the products and it’s so worth the price. Will definitely keep repurchasing these
Posted on 18-09-07 Recommend
Star5 qty Good product
Mou…@gmail.com I enjoy using this set so much, it helps my skin smooth, clear, and reduced my whitehead since the first week result
Posted on 18-09-07 Recommend
Star5 qty Awesome
Ele…@yahoo.com I really enjoy using this set, had to get use to not being the thick cream but i really like the clean ingredients on the product list.
Posted on 18-09-04 Recommend
Star4 qty Lost count
kry…@sjcd.edu I completely lost count of how many i have purchased but it came broken and havent been able to solve it

Posted on 18-09-01 Recommend
Star5 qty One of my favorite brand!
mee…@gmail.com Loved this brand and products! It’s very gentle on the skin so it works great if you have sensitive skin like me. At first, the Products doesn’t seem like it’s working or doing anything but you’ll notice the changes of your skin after a few weeks of using it. I don’t think these products are made for immediate results which makes sense if they are using gentle ingredients. I bought a few products individually to try for myself and fell in love with it so I bought this set for my sister.
Posted on 18-08-30 Recommend