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Star5 qty After a week I notice a difference

I really like this toner. I didn't think that it was that hydrating at first but after using it for about a week I actually stared to notice a difference in my skin. My only think is that I feel like the packaging leads me to use more product than I really need to (because I have to shake it so much) so I feel like I'm going through it pretty fast (this could just be me though). Other than that I really like it!

Posted on 17-09-21 Recommend
Star4 qty good

this toner is very hydrating and moisturizing. its very gentle and mild that you can use the layering method with it! leaves my skin feeling hydrated and fresh 6182e3e8b3991d31afd5e2412b80a1f5_1505805 

Posted on 17-09-19 Recommend
Star5 qty Great!

Great toner, worth the hype!

Posted on 17-09-18 Recommend
Star5 qty Loving it for my sensitive, dry skin!

I have uber dry skin, and this toner has been awesome. I am attracted to this toner with all the hype that is going around. This is my second bottle purchase already. This is definitely the toner to go if you are looking for moisturising effect. I would repurchase this over and over again!!


Posted on 17-09-08 Recommend
Star5 qty Love it!

I have sensitive combination skin and I've been using this toner for about three months now.  Despite having oily skin in some area, I love how hydrating it is and how quickly it absorb in my skin. This toner is alcohol free which is a plus.  A lot of toner these days have alcohol in it and it is very harsh on my skin.  Since it does not have alcohol in it, it is suitable for the 7 skin method.  Although I do not layer this product 7 times, I do layer it about 3-4 times if I feel my skin needs a little bit of moisture. Also, the texture of this toner is not like any other toners out there in the market.  This toner is more like an essence, so if you do layer this product, you can just follow by a moisturizer or a cream. After using this product, my skin feels very hydrated and plump.  I will be purchasing this product again. 1ef58c008d094d74c8353950925109e8_1503971 

Posted on 17-08-29 Recommend