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Star5 qty great toner
kim…@live.com.au This is a great toner, would buy again

Posted on 18-04-08 Recommend
nag…@gmail.com This was my very first toner and I didn't think I would pick such a great first choice. It has a light lavender floral-y scent but its not overbearing whatsoever. And it's really gentle on my dry, sensitive, and eczema skin. At first I used this with the klairs cotton pads and pat it in only on my face, but then I started using it on my eczema/dry patches and its been helping so much. I was honestly very surprised because my eczema skin is so sensitive to a lot of products I'm always scared putting different products on it. But this toner was been helping my dry patches heal and calm down my redness. Will definitely be repurchasing this. I recently got the whamisa deep rich toner to try as well and I like the Klairs toner a lot better and find myself reaching for it more. The whamisa has a strong scent that I don't like and it seems to irritate my skin.
Posted on 18-04-07 Recommend
Star5 qty Love it!
ani…@hotmail.com It's hydrating and very mild to the skin, it's a little bit on the viscous side, but nothing that bothers, the scent isn't strong. Really liked it.

Posted on 18-04-06 Recommend
Star4 qty 9/10
ssa…@gmail.com absorbs quickly, quality moisturizing toner

Posted on 18-04-03 Recommend
Star5 qty Must have toner
ali…@gmail.com The best toner I've ever had. It's very gentle to my sensitive skin and didn't make me break out or trigger pimple. Love.

Posted on 18-03-30 Recommend