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Star5 qty Lived up to my expectations!

Heard a lot of people raving about this so I decided to give this a go. I love it so much! Its thick but feels so light on my skin. My skin feels so hydrated and glowy! 

Posted on 18-02-06 Recommend
Star5 qty Loving this product so far!

I've only been using this product for a few days but I can definitely see what the hype is all about! It's pretty thick in consistency so 2 drops is enough to moisturize my whole face. My face feels moisturized even before I use moisturizer. The product has a bit of a strong scent but it smells nice to me.  

Posted on 18-02-06 Recommend
Star4 qty Love the scent

Love the scent. Second time purchasing. 

Posted on 18-02-05 Recommend
Star5 qty Another great product from Huxley!
lin…@gmail.com For those who are familiar to Huxley, will find the scent very pleasant and addictive. Very thick texture for an essence, soft and moisturizing.

Posted on 18-03-11 Recommend

I wanted to the buy this product for a long time because Joan from youtube have rave and say good things about this product. Thankfully, this was on sale last month and I could not let an opportunity pass by, so i bought. I loved this product. It does not only hydrate and brighten my skin, but also save my routine every morning. I like how this is a serum and an essence and saves my morning every time I wake up late. I would very much recommend this product and definitely repurchase even it is expensive.6b1173b7dc7cf95939f1c942978c012b_1517541 

Posted on 18-02-02 Recommend