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Star5 qty sooooo gooood

I love this product... During the winter my skin became dehydrated and this product was my salvation. My face feels hydrated but not greasy.


Posted on 18-02-23 Recommend
Star5 qty Good

Nice. not greasy at all

Posted on 18-02-21 Recommend
Star4 qty It was pretty great

This essence feels silky and less like an oil, it's thicker. When I first applied it I wasn't expecting any results and I was not crazy about the scent at all and it didn't feel amazing or anything, but once I woke up wow. While I was washing my face the next day I realized my skin felt extreeeemly soft, softer than It's been in months. The only thing I changed in my routine that day was that I used this essence-oil so it definitely softens the skin a lotttt. But it really doesn't contain a lot of product, after about 6 uses I'm halfway done with my bottle and i've been using it sparingly, so that's why the only 4 star rating. Otherwise I like it, and it's 100% worth a try.f38be284228df3d4dc70e6dd80d212dd_1519186 

Posted on 18-02-21 Recommend
Star4 qty Ok
kri…@hotmail.com Used about half the bottle and hydrates nicely also smells amazing but people sensitive to fragrance should definitely avoid. Is expensive so unless I see bigger improvements with the rest of the bottle I probably won’t repurchase, but if I could afford it I wouldn’t be opposed to buying again
Posted on 18-02-19 Recommend
Star5 qty [Huxley] *Time Deal* Oil Essence Essence-Like, Oil…

Love this, it is very moisturising and absorbs well. It doesn't feel like an oil but rather a thicker essence. 

Posted on 18-02-17 Recommend