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Star4 qty hydrating toner

This toner is very hydrating. 

It is a bit smaller than what i expected but only 2-3 drops are needed to cover the face and absorbs quickly. 

Packaging is simple and beautiful

Posted on 17-11-14 Recommend
Star5 qty life changing

This toner is life changing.  It is very moisturizing and smoothes skin.  I highly recommend.


Posted on 17-10-31 Recommend
Star5 qty Multipurpose Toner

Very hydrating! I use this on days I'm too lazy to do a multistep routine. Just this after cleansing and then sunblock then im good for the day. At night, just this, a serum, and a mask/cream then good night!

Posted on 17-10-30 Recommend
Star5 qty LOVE IT!!!

I have very sensitive skin but this essence toner does a fantastic job! It's hydrating and gentle. I like using the 7 step skin care with this toner. Definitely changes my skin after every use. This is my 2nd purchase. Definitely recommend this!

Posted on 17-10-25 Recommend
Star4 qty Hydrating + Soothing

I have very sensitive skin that gets red easily and I found this very soothing and hydrating. It takes a while to pat in but once it's absorbed the skin just feels hydrated and fresh-no stickiness. However, I don't think this is better than my Benton Aloe BHA toner but I would repurchase for a basic hydrating toner.  

Posted on 17-10-21 Recommend