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Star5 qty Best toner
Cos…@vp.pl My favorite toner ever
Posted on 17-12-16 Recommend
Star5 qty One of my favorite toner. Love everything

I have tried multiple essence toners, and this by far one of my favorite. There's no smell and it just sinks into the skin. I can apply multiple layers. Love everything about it.9f2d04b1c1ed0645ea2bd8b3e61d7cb0_1513192 

Posted on 17-12-14 Recommend
Star5 qty Love it

Love this toner, my skin feels great.

Posted on 17-12-11 Recommend
Star4 qty Good for sensitive skin!!
mln…@gmail.com I have been using this toner for a month. It moist and firm your skin.
Posted on 17-11-30 Recommend
Star5 qty really like it

no scent and very moisturizing! great for the 7 layers method, does not irritate and makes the skin feel so smooth 2fc55c9935e9ca0bc01eee1167815c07_1511810 

Posted on 17-11-28 Recommend