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Star5 qty Good for travel
s2.…@hotmail.com I bring this when I travel overseas as there is no liquid and will not spill in my bag. Smells fantastic too
Posted on 18-05-17 Recommend
Star5 qty Nice
cng…@yahoo.com Stick form made it more convenient to use and the green tea help calm down my acne
Posted on 18-04-26 Recommend
Star5 qty :) :)
cha…@hotmail.com A really good product that does the job

Posted on 18-04-13 Recommend
Star5 qty Amazing!
lu.…@hotmail.com It's great for sensitive skin as it's super gentle, and i love the smell too

Posted on 18-04-06 Recommend
Star5 qty Great for travel!
bog…@ymail.com This cleaning stick is wonderful and it’s a staple of my travel kit given its non liquid formulation. I like that it helps keep my skin clean without stripping it of moisture.
Posted on 18-02-09 Recommend