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Star5 qty I go with the reviews
113…@gmail.com There's a reason why everyone loves this product. I bought it based on different youtubers recommendation. It's true, this one has the best texture and more delicate scent compared to all my other eye creams. It's light and fast absorbing. I've only used it for two weeks and it's not that I have saggy skin right now, but based on texture, I like it a lot. Maybe in a couple years, I'll have to thank this cream for preventing crows feet. 

Posted on 18-05-19 Recommend
Star5 qty Super hydrating

A really good eye cream for everyday


Posted on 18-01-25 Recommend
Star4 qty Jeju Orchid Eye Cream

It is my first eye cream, so I have nothing to compare it with. However, I am happy with it. It makes the area around my eyes feel really soft and smooth. I have not had any trouble wearing eye makeup after applying the eye cream. 

Posted on 18-01-24 Recommend
Star5 qty Very Moisturising Eye Cream

This is the perfect eye cream for the night time, especially winter. Seeing that this Orchid line from Innisfree is made for winter, it would make sense. The cream is really thick and you only need a small amount. I wouldn't recommend it for the day time as it is a thick cream. Overall it left my under eyes very moisturised, I hope it will help with the dark circles but I've only used this for two weeks so I can't really tell the difference yet. 



Posted on 18-01-17 Recommend
Star3 qty Don't hate it, don't love it

First eye cream so can't compare it. You get a lot of product, texture feels nice, absorbs pretty quickly, smells nice and my undereye area felt hydrated. Can't complain about this product, but will continue looking for another eye cream 



Posted on 18-01-17 Recommend