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Star5 qty Amazing!

Amazing thick eye cream! Very hydrating and smells wonderful too!


Posted on 18-03-20 Recommend
Star5 qty Love it

Favourite eye cream out there at the moment. I bought this jar for my sister after trying it out and she also loves it.cf9aef4490fdc81731a305adc9623f51_1521457 

Posted on 18-03-19 Recommend
Star5 qty Love it
chi…@yahoo.com Keeps my skin moisturized! Smells good too!!
Posted on 18-03-13 Recommend
Star3 qty might be too thick to acne prone skin

My skin type: acne prone, easily get clogged pores, dry, sensitive


I used this for 2 nights and noticed I got a pimple ON my eyelid and on my eyebrow. I can't pinpoint the culprit but it might be this.


Texture wise it's not as thin and absorbing like most American eye creams. The texture actually reminds me of a thinner version of shea butter. 


Posted on 18-03-12 Recommend
viv…@gmail.com I love everything about this product. It has a really nice and light scent to it. It is also very moisturizing to use so I put it on my smile lines and part of my cheek as well. Even though it may look small, it definitely lasted me quite a while to finish it. It is definitely worth its price.

Posted on 18-03-11 Recommend