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Star5 qty eye cream

VERY moisturising. for the price it's great because a little goes a REALLY long way. 

Posted on 17-07-19 Recommend
Star5 qty already my second pot

i use it over smile lines and my forehead as well to prevent premature wrinkling and i think its helped a lot!

Posted on 17-07-19 Recommend
Star5 qty Great
Kez…@gmail.com This product is awesome it gave me instant results, I could feel the skin around my eyes tightening and evening out when I first tried it (I may have put too much lol), but even though it is small product a little does go a long way.
Posted on 17-07-14 Recommend
Star4 qty Love it.

I personally am a litle skeptical about buying new products especially products that only seem to have good reviews, but this one is a good one. I really love how much product there and how long it last. I have had this for over 4 months now and it still something that I tend to reach for. However for me, I haven't seen instant results so I am not sure if i would entirely repurchase it. but it is a really good product, light weight and creamy, feels nice even in this summer weather. 

Posted on 17-07-14 Recommend
Star5 qty A lot of product and effective


I use this product almost every day for 3 months (every day that I am not too tired to do my skincare) and I still have a ton of product left (see picture~it's enough for another month or so)! It's a really great investment for those who see fine lines starting to form around their eyes. I've heard that it doesn't really help with dark circles, but mine seemed to have been helped quite a bit. I used to have a fairly deeper line coming down from my tear duct to the middle of my cheek, but now it is barely visible. I would definitely recommend this product for someone looking for an affordable and effective eye cream. 


You don't need much product, but I rub the product all around my eye socket gently, on eyelid and below. It seemed to help my uneven eyelids as well lolol

Posted on 17-07-13 Recommend