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Star5 qty Love it
pri…@yahoo.com It really hydrates and depuff my under eyes. It didnt sting at all as for me. It has a nice scent to it but its not too strong. But i would love more if it comes with spatula or a brush or its in a nozzle or any applicator

Posted on 18-11-07 Recommend
Star4 qty eye cream
cat…@live.com.au moisterising. but not sure if i see any change around eye area.
Posted on 18-11-06 Recommend
Star5 qty Good for the winter
Kh.…@gmail.com Very moisturizing for the winter when that wind chill smacks you dead in the face. Really great for under the eyes, on the eyelids, and anywhere you want to prevent wrinkles. For me, that’d also be my smile lines around my mouth and my forehead area. Very multipurpose even though it’s marketed as an eye cream. I like it!

Posted on 18-11-07 Recommend
Star5 qty Great eye cream
Ana…@outlook.es To be honest I'm in my middle twenties so i use it for precaution and for the future. People say that you will notice the effects in your 40s or 50s. It keep my eyes hydrated and no wrinkles yet Haha. Everyone that I talked with recommend this specific cream so I'm trusting on them.
Posted on 18-11-06 Recommend
Star5 qty I love this eye cream
eij…@yahoo.com I watched videos for the best eye creams. It is always included in the the top 3 so I decided to try it. It definitely worth the money. It has a light scent but it's ok. Very moisturizing. Does not cause milia.

Posted on 18-11-05 Recommend