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Star4 qty Refreshing

I really like how refreshing it feels after application. It is also pretty hydrating

Posted on 16-12-08 Recommend
Star4 qty Cleanser / toner
Her…@gmail.com I really enjoy this product But I do notice with my sensitive skin that it can sting a bit Not for long
Posted on 16-12-06 Recommend
Star5 qty magic water

I'm on my 2nd bottle for this. I have a very sensitive skin and everything always breaks my face out 65% of the time. But not this magic water. After half of the bottle I can feel my face really smooth. I dont know about mosturizing though but just smooth :3

Posted on 16-11-30 Recommend
Star5 qty Son & Park Water Beauty
gum…@yahoo.com this is a routine that i can't seem to stop using..this is cult already. On my 3rd bottle already. Its gentle yet very effective when using it with cotton pads, you can really the dirt residue that is not removed from facial wash. Even thou you did already the oil-based and water-based cleansing. It is not drying as well like others i have used before. So it just left my skin ready for moisturizing. And the effect is really a game changer. I love korean products for skin care and this is one of the best! I highly recommend it.
Posted on 16-11-19 Recommend
Star5 qty Life changing
pkk…@gmail.com I bought this after seeing people talk about it on YouTube and I LOVE it! It's great as a toner, exfoliator and even a cleansingredients water on lazy mornings. I went away recently and didn't take it with me and I felt a difference in my skin in just a few days so I know it's definitely helping with the texture and appearance of my skin
Posted on 16-11-17 Recommend