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Star5 qty Multitasking product

It cleanses, tones, exfoliates etc. It's a wonderful product! However, please be aware that it has alcohol.34ec1fa1fbc62170e72cc4996f0b41f2_1516277 

Posted on 18-01-18 Recommend
Star5 qty loooooove it

loooooove it,been using it more as a toner but it cleanses the makeup really well too

Posted on 18-01-07 Recommend
Star5 qty Favorite Toner
kar…@gmail.com Love the smell and my skin feel so good afterward, clean and hydrating. Highly recommended, I got this beauty water for the girls at my office they all love it and amazed with its cleaning power. And it has such a packaging and a big bottle totally worth the money.
Posted on 17-12-29 Recommend
Star4 qty Skin-saver!

I'll admit I fell in for this due to all the love this has gotten on social media, but I must say I'm in love with it too! The scent isn't the most amazing, but the product itself works amazingly well. It keeps my skin (combination-oily; acne prone) from getting too oily throughout the day, and it refreshes it at night. It also is great for removing makeup, exfoliating, and soothing. I've been using it every single day!e601d82ede5dec4972e241097b3ca31f_1513889

Posted on 17-12-22 Recommend
Star5 qty moisturising

very GOOD!! remove even makeup!!!!!!!!!very impressed 

Posted on 17-12-17 Recommend