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Star5 qty Current favorite
nth…@yahoo.com I’m buying this as a gift because it’s been a great toner so far
Posted on 18-03-15 Recommend
Star5 qty My fave toner by far
mar…@gmail.com I used up 1/2 of the bottle in just 3weeks, coz you can use it multipurposely (toner, make up remover, spray mist)
Posted on 18-03-11 Recommend
Star5 qty Love this!
noo…@gmail.com I love it for travel since I can use it as a makeup remover or toner! It won't take off stubborn makeup but it's great since its so gentle and a start before my oil cleansing. The product is gentle and my skin texture has improved since using it. On my second bottle now :)

Posted on 18-03-09 Recommend
Star5 qty the best toner

i just fall in love with this toner. just it

Posted on 18-02-27 Recommend
Star5 qty Amazing!

There is so much product in the bottle (340 ml) and doesn't burn at all! I have very senstive skin and my eyes are prone to burn when creams or make up were to be applied on or around them but this toner doesn't burn around my eyes or my eyelids at all (BUT you should not use toner near your eyes or on your eye area in general)! The most amazing thing about that toner is, is that it removes make up! You probably shouldn't use it for only make up removel but I apply my foundation on the back of my hand and it removes the rest of it without any problem! 

Posted on 18-02-20 Recommend