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Star5 qty Lemon Peel Pads

Has a great smell, almost like lemon candy. The exfoliating side isn't too harsh and leaves behind really smooth skin. I use it once a week so my skin has time to recover before I use a pad again.

Posted on 16-12-24 Recommend
cry…@gmail.com This exfoliating product is so good! It has two sides to it; one rough side for sloughing off that dead skin and a smooth side for really getting that product absorbed into the skin. It also smells nice as well.
Posted on 16-12-23 Recommend
Star5 qty bio peel
Vic…@hotmail.com It works wonder.
Posted on 16-12-22 Recommend
Star5 qty the smell

it smell so good. brightens skin and leaves it feeling fresh, super convenient, can't wait to try the others

Posted on 16-12-11 Recommend
Star5 qty PURE LOVE

I have very dry skin so it tends to flake a lot. So this peeling gauze has helped a lot! It smells great, exfoliates great and is a giant tub so can be used for a while! Would definitely recommend it!

Posted on 16-07-06 Recommend