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Star5 qty Really like it!
ale…@gmail.com The foam is really gentle yet cleanses the skin pretty thoroughly but without drying it out! Few of the previous k-beauty cleansers that I’ve tried were too harsh and dried out my oily skin which led to it getting even oilier way faster and even to breakouts. This one is a real gem that I’m glad I found. Absolutely worth the hype!
Posted on 18-04-22 Recommend
Star4 qty does its job, will buy it again
cha…@gmail.com I've been using this for 2 months now and I can clearly see a difference. My skin feels more smooth and less oily than it was. I like the texture and the smell of it !
Posted on 18-04-21 Recommend
Star5 qty One of my favorite cleansers
mus…@gmail.com I have to say, I love this cleanser. This is my night routine cleanser and it’s just awesome! It’s gentle on the skin, has a nice scent to it, and makes my skin squeaky clean and so soft. It’s really a great cleanser!!

Posted on 18-04-12 Recommend
Star5 qty Favourite Face Wash By Far

This is my second time purchasing this face wash, and it is absolutely amazing. I use it with a pore brush, and it leaves my skin absolutely clean and clear, and with no tightness/stinging sensation whatsoever; i can feel my skin "breathe" after i wash it when this cleanser! It's extremely gentle on the skin, and the light scent of green tea isn't too overpowering; it's a very refreshing scent too! When i use it, i use only half a pump because, when coupled with the pore brush, it foams up very well and half a pump is enough. It also helps to lightly exfoliate my skin. 


The only down side is that, with my experience from my previous bottle, you can't really use up every ml of the product in the bottle, since the foam pump can only pump out so much + with how the product is packaged (a filter cap above the green tea leaves so keep them at the bottom, but some of the liquid will be trapped with the leaves as well); hence i could only use about half of the liquid that's trapped below the cap (i worked HARD to get them out of the pump), before i gave up and bought myself a new bottle.


All in all this is my new favourite cleanser, and I'll definitely repurchase it. 

Posted on 18-03-31 Recommend
Star4 qty Light cleanser
mki…@gmail.com I prefer a creamier cleanser but it is nice for a foam cleanser
Posted on 18-03-29 Recommend