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Star2 qty Why is this product not working on my face?

I read a lot about reviews of this product, I mean TONS of it. Because of that, I decided to make some purchase, and turned out, my skin didn't fit well enough with it. I absolutely have no idea why, but my skin was heating up a lil bit and it made my face have mini pimples which sound overeacting but it is true.


It it quite pricey, I think. But id doesn't work really well on me. Too bad, because I want this product suits really well with me 

Posted on 17-05-02 Recommend
Star5 qty The best cleanser I have tried !!
man…@mail.ru This is really the best cleanser I have tried it's gentle and doesn't cause breakouts... probably will buy it again
Posted on 17-04-27 Recommend
Star5 qty Very good product

I use it every day and it's fine for me, nice smell and face feel healthier after use

Posted on 17-04-26 Recommend
Star5 qty my fourth purchase

i like it so much, and this is my fourth purchase. hope to buy more from you.

Posted on 17-04-18 Recommend
Star4 qty love

I really love this cleanser. I have a normal skin type. I love how it foams up and really clean up all the dirty. I love it 

Posted on 17-04-15 Recommend