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Star5 qty Refreshing
Car…@hotmail.com The sunscreen is moisturising and feels non oily. Love the smell.
Posted on 17-10-07 Recommend
Star5 qty Aloe Sunscreen

very moisturizing. best sunscreen for your face. don't ever burn again. 

Posted on 17-10-07 Recommend
Star4 qty Absorbed well
msj…@gmail.com No white cast
Posted on 17-10-06 Recommend
Star4 qty Good enough, but fragranced and greasy
rex…@gmail.com First thing, this didn't cause any bad reaction with month-long use. It goes on a little greasy, like a typical sunscreen. The oily sensation doesn't last, however you do look shiny/glowy throughout the day, which some people might enjoy. I can't comment on how it wears with makeup but I'd imagine the slight stickiness could be both a good and bad thing. The smell is quite strong but not like most sunscreens, which makes me suspect that they just used a lot of fragrance to cover up the typical sunscreen smell.
Posted on 17-10-03 Recommend
Star4 qty it's helpful


Posted on 17-10-02 Recommend