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I have been using it daily for the past two months in both my morning and night routines. Let me say my dry/acne prone skin has a 95% reduction of break outs and I am sure it's due to combining this essence with an AHA toner/cream treatment I started at the same time. I have been battling cystic acne for 5 years now, it's the first time break outs calmed down to the minimum,even during "those" days of the month, the marks are step by step fading and my skin feels smooth, hydrated and bright! I love this product, I haven't even spent not half of the bottle, a little can go a long way. Strongly recommend it to those battling serious acne problems! It does work but it takes time to see results! 

Posted on 18-03-27 Recommend
Star3 qty It's okay
sta…@gmail.com The texture is as advertised, though I'm not sure how helpful it was. It seemed to break me out more than helping heal my acne scars.
Posted on 18-03-24 Recommend
Star5 qty LOVE IT
kkr…@gmail.com This made my skin really smooth and my redness went down but not completely.

Posted on 18-04-21 Recommend
Star4 qty Snail 96 power essence
bre…@gmail.com To early to tell if it lives up to what it claims to do, I will do a update in a week but for now I will give it 4 stars due to acme slightly going down

Posted on 18-03-16 Recommend
Star3 qty Good but maybe not for me...
cas…@hotmail.fr My skin type: combination, sensitive, redness, acne prone, blackheads... The first couple of times I used it it worked well but I didn't really see any results when it was "absorbed". My skin looked plump when I put it on but otherwise I couldn't really tell if it was effective or not. Then I felt like it made no difference so I stopped using it. Maybe it only sat on the skin...? Now I use other products that work better for me so it stays on my shelf which is too bad (I used half of it before I gave up). The texture is gooey but ends up watery when spread. Good points: hydrates, soften, plump skin, even out skin tone (A LITTLE). Bad points: temporary results, easily remplacable. In short not a bad product but there are much better ones.

Posted on 18-03-15 Recommend