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Star1 qty Did not do anything
Our…@hotmail.com I used it for 3 months did not do anything for my skin .. in fact it broke me out
Posted on 18-07-09 Recommend
Star5 qty Acne clear!
sah…@gmail.com This essence has tremendously improved my acne, I would recommend this to anyone with acne problems.
Posted on 18-07-08 Recommend
Star5 qty Great

I just started using it. It moisturises the face well and it is really light. I just love COSRX products.

Posted on 18-07-05 Recommend
Star4 qty Good choice
tho…@gmail.com It’s moisture skin very well. Good for dry skin :)

Posted on 18-07-04 Recommend
Star4 qty Great Snail Product
Ten…@gmail.com This essence is very slimy (because it’s a Snail product) so it feels very different from those light weight essences. It doesn’t absorb as quickly into the skin because it is thick, but it moisturizes the skin very well. Would recommend for night time skin care.

Posted on 18-07-03 Recommend