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Star5 qty MUST HAVE

Must have for all skin types!!

Posted on 18-02-27 Recommend
Star5 qty Weird but good

It's a really sticky texture when you first get it but once you apply on your face and tap it in, it absorbs really easily.

I felt like my skin was a bit smoother when I used it, you just have to get used to the texture at first.


I'm also in love with COSRX products cause the packaging is so simple yet nice, I also like that it's a clear but matte container so that you can see how much product you have left.



Posted on 18-02-26 Recommend
Star4 qty Good
mig…@gmail.com Make my skin moist
Posted on 18-02-23 Recommend
Star5 qty Great

The slimy texture is so fun. Love it. Helped with my acne scars.a237ab83d5a685b30d354723feb101f6_1519334 

Posted on 18-02-23 Recommend
Star4 qty Good
Lol…@yahoo.com.vn Good
Posted on 18-02-21 Recommend