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Star5 qty Loving this cleanser!

I use it after an oil cleanser. It removes any leftover makeup, while also cleansing my face really well. It is a bit drying3c4fe1832a5472c0c51e4da1f468b8f9_1520552
, but nothing that a little moisturizer doesn't help. 

Posted on 18-03-09 Recommend
Star5 qty Good cleaser!!!
Ngu…@yahoo.com Very gentle and did not dry me out. The name of the product says it all, it's perfect for moring and you might need a stronger cleanser for the night time
Posted on 18-03-09 Recommend
Star5 qty LOVE IT!

This cleanser is suits my skin type which is combination, helps control my acne and is really gentle!!!

One of the best cleansers.d18ff6ea439835dbadeb235ae443d542_1520421 

Posted on 18-03-07 Recommend
Star3 qty Its great but...
lit…@gmail.com So this is like the HOLY GRAIL for a lot of Kbeauty enthusiasts. And so I wanted to try it for myself. Well, I did. I tried it until I bled the bottle dry and I realized a couple of things. First is that it did (with the help of other products) help manage my acne a little better. Second, it was EXTREMELY drying. Unfortunately for it that it contains some pretty strong ingredients that while helping cure some parts of your skin, compromise your moisture barrier. I was able to help that with other products, but on the other hand, I shouldn't really have to. So great in some ways, and not in others.
Posted on 18-03-07 Recommend
Star4 qty Best Cleanser!
and…@gmail.com I have tried so many cleansers but this one is by far the best one! It removes whatever is left on my fave but it is not too harsh.
Posted on 18-03-06 Recommend