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Star5 qty WOW!
cng…@gmail.com This gel cleanser foams up really well and removes all of my makeup. Normally after washing my face, my toner would pick up the residue left behind. Not with this cleanser, there is barely any residue after washing. The only unpleasant thing I found is the scent. The smell isn't horrible, but it's definitely something to get use to. I would recommend this cleanser.

Posted on 18-10-14 Recommend
Star5 qty Amazing
jan…@gmail.com I have been using this cleanser for a while now and it really helps to sort of balance the pH levels in my skin. I mostly use it in the morning, and it's a great gel cleanser for those who like the gel-like cleansers. It's also a great starter cleanser for those who are new to skincare.

Posted on 18-10-11 Recommend
Star1 qty Allergic reaction
joa…@gmail.com I guess this product works with other people but not for me. I had a breakout and it took weeks for it to subside.
Posted on 18-10-09 Recommend
Star5 qty love!
fur…@yahoo.co.uk very good cleanser! i love this cleanser, doesn''t dry up my skin
Posted on 18-10-08 Recommend
Star5 qty Holy Grail!
sal…@gmail.com My go to morning cleanser for the past 2 years! It is light but also cleanses very well. It has a light herbalish scent that I don't mind at all. I'm almost done with the one im currently using, but always have an extra as backup.

Posted on 18-10-08 Recommend