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Star4 qty Decent cleanser, but drying
tan…@gmail.com This was very drying. I have very oily skin so it wasn’t a problem for me but I wouldn’t recommend it for someone with dry skin. The scent is nice.
Posted on 18-02-15 Recommend
Star4 qty does its job as promised overall

So I've been using this cleanser for 3 days now. The first time I used it was at night ,to remove my makeup and as soon as I put the product on my face it began scratching me so I quickly washed it and then appeared "red plates" and I felt my face burning a little bit. I didn't understand what happaned so I thought I will try it again the next dayn so that's what I did in the morning and it was already a lot better. I think it's just that my skin wasn't used to the product so it was "the first bad reaction". Anyways, I like this product because beisdes this, it really gently CLEANS the skin. I have an oily skin and after using it my skin was soft, the dead skin was all gone, and it leaved it not too dry and not too oily, just what the skin needs, and this, all day long ! So I will continue using this and see if other things will positively change 

Posted on 18-02-15 Recommend
Star5 qty LOVE
mor…@gmail.com This leaves me clean and bright. I use this after an oil cleanser, it's a good follow up. 

Posted on 18-03-18 Recommend
Star5 qty Great!


Posted on 18-02-13 Recommend
Star5 qty Recommend!

I've repurchased this product and have gotten extras for friends and family.

Posted on 18-02-13 Recommend