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Star5 qty Amazing
the…@gmail.com Such a great gentle cleanser to wake up with. For a while I had to use this as my main cleanser and I'm happy to say it was gentle on my skin and my skin didn't feel dehydrated after washing my face. Although I didn't see any major changes with my acne it was a good alternative to some of the harsh products I used on my skin in addition to if I popped any pimples on an impulse. It helped to calm the inflammation.
Posted on 18-06-26 Recommend
Star5 qty Good!
cin…@gmail.com Nice gentle cleanser for sensitive skin :)

Posted on 18-06-26 Recommend
Star5 qty Great facewash for everyday use
mal…@gmail.com This is my third time purchasing the Low Ph Good Morning Gel Cleanser for good reason. I have combination skin and it tends to react to new products. After using this cleanser, my skin did not feel dry after washing, and best of all, I didn't break out.
Posted on 18-06-25 Recommend
Star4 qty Pretty good
bos…@yahoo.com This cleanser is very nice in the morning as it smells like tea tree a lot and will definitely wake you up. It lightly bubbles up and your skin doesn't feel too dry after washing with it, but you will definitely need some moisturizers afterwards.
Posted on 18-06-24 Recommend
Star5 qty Great for sensitive skin!
kia…@gmail.com Best cleanser by far. It stopped my breakouts and super mild on my skin. On my 3rd bottle now.
Posted on 18-06-21 Recommend