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Star5 qty My favourite aloe gel
tan…@gmail.com Not much to say other than it’s a genuinely good product. Best aloe gel I’ve ever used. It sinks into the skin nicely without feeling sticky or tight
Posted on 18-02-15 Recommend
Star5 qty Amazing
lin…@gmail.com Benton products are pretty amazing. This feels great!

Posted on 18-03-21 Recommend
Star5 qty I LOVE IT!

This is a great moisturizer for my oily skin. I haven't broken out with this product so far. b1e3028da2570ec2498270d2f67b260f_1511768 

Posted on 17-11-27 Recommend
Star5 qty Really good

great for when your skin is sensitive and irritated, has a strong calming effect and also very moisturising  

Posted on 17-10-21 Recommend
Star5 qty Great
kri…@gmail.com This was an excellent toner13c295b89c573da73b68451f865eac17_1502959
. The BHA was nor irritating even when using it daily. Would consider repurchasing 
Posted on 17-08-17 Recommend