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Star5 qty Very good
ris…@yahoo.com It is calm and dried my acne scar. It is a watery toner, i apply using a cotton pad and do 7 toner method. It is very good

Posted on 18-03-16 Recommend
Star5 qty My second bottle!
Cat…@gmail.com I love this, makes my skin super clear and does a good job a hydrating before serum
Posted on 18-03-15 Recommend
Star5 qty Calming and refreshing!
far…@hotmail.com I just love this toner, calms the skin after I exfoliate and makes my skin feel hydrated and refreshed. Does not irritate or leave a sticky feeling. Wil buy again

Posted on 18-03-11 Recommend
Star4 qty Nice Product!
viv…@gmail.com This is my brother's second time using this, and he has oily, acne-prone skin. It seems to work well for him and his acne improved after using it along with other skincare.

Posted on 18-03-11 Recommend
Star4 qty Skin improved slightly

My skin type: sensitive, acene prone, dry, easily get clogged pores


I used it along with the Benton aloe soothing cream so I'm not sure which one is the main helper in improving my skin, but I can say my skin did improve slightly. I took off one star because it did not make AMAZING result. I used half a bottle so far. It seems like my usual acne is not as big and red anymore but they're still there. Maybe I need to use it longer to see better result. I give it credit for not giving my super sensitive skin any irrigation though. 


The consistency is SLIGHTLY gooey (not completely water like) but still very runny. Skin feels nice and moisturized afterwards. Skin feels a bit sticky but after around 5-10 minutes the sticky feeling is gone. 





Posted on 18-03-11 Recommend