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Star3 qty Great value

Great value for the money, ok masks.

Posted on 18-02-21 Recommend
Star5 qty Liquidy and mosturizing!

Also light on the skin and easy to apply, love them!

Posted on 18-02-20 Recommend
Star3 qty Tony Moly I'm Real Mask Sheet 21ml 11type Sheets


Posted on 18-02-16 Recommend
Star3 qty normal

didn't notice anything special.there are other masks that are bettera9bc2af70d0674ced6517a49e2e40262_1518526 

Posted on 18-02-13 Recommend
Star2 qty This was just ok

Not really my favorite masks, I'm down to the last one, but only because I wanted to get rid of it and didn't want it to go to waste. I dislike how it starts to fall apart and leaves bits and pieces of it on your skin like lint.f88ca6d8c6dddd617414395d4aa350be_1518491 

Posted on 18-02-13 Recommend