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Star5 qty tony moly i'm real mask sheet
jav…@gmail.com Llegaron en excelente estado, muy bien protegidas. Se demoraron alrededor de 1 mes y medio. Traian ademas de regalo muestras gratis. recomendadisimo

Posted on 18-03-14 Recommend
Star3 qty I'm Real Mask Sheet
kar…@hotmail.com The variety of masks it brings is good. Each one has a different function.

Posted on 18-03-09 Recommend
Star4 qty great set of masks - good for gifts too
nhu…@hotmail.com I enjoyed the different masks from this pack. I couldn't really tell if my skin had a noticeable difference after using each one but the are generally moisturising and leave my skin feeling revived. I gave a few away as gifts for my younger cousins and they really enjoyed choosing between the different ones available
Posted on 18-03-08 Recommend
Star5 qty tony moly sheet mask
faj…@gmail.com i really love this sheets mask made my mood and my skin feel happy everytime i need it..
Posted on 18-03-05 Recommend
Star5 qty I love you tony moly

I love these masks SO freaking much theses are my go to masks. I Love them so much!

Posted on 18-02-27 Recommend